What is Garry's Mod?

Garry's Mod is a sandbox game that was developed by Facepunch Studios and published by Valve. Garry's Mod was released on November 29th, 2006 on Steam. Garry's Mod is well known as a game with a die-hard community. Players have been supporting the game through custom-made mods on the Steam Workshop for nearly 2 decades as of 2024.

Who Made Garry's Mod?

Garry's Mod was created as a mod for Valve's Source engine on the game Half Life 2 by British developer Garry Newman. Newman is known as an eccentric figure within the game-development industry who is not afraid to take off his filter on social media.

The History of Garry's Mod

Following the success of Garry's Mod as a free mod for Half Life 2, Garry Newman was approached by Valve in 2006 to release his Half Life 2 modification as a full game through Steam. Not expecting the game to be the popular success it is today, Newman initially rejected the first offer that Valve made to put the mod on Steam.

But the second time Valve reached out, Garry decided to put GMod on the Steam Store for $10. As of today, Garry's Mod has sold over 20 million copies to users all around the world. Tens of thousands of players still play the game everyday both in single player and in multiplayer on gamemodes like DarkRP, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Sandbox.

How Much is Garry's Mod? Is Garry's Mod Free?

Garry's Mod can be purchased on the Steam Store for $9.99 . This version of Garry's Mod is the most up to date and will allow you to play multiplayer with your friends. Garry's Mod is not a free game.

What specs do I need to play Garry's Mod?

You do not need a good PC to play Garry's Mod! To download Garry's Mod you need at least...

To handle more modern addons and connect to larger multiplayer servers, we recommend having the most modern PC specs that you can get your hands on. Typically anything past 2015-2016 will be able to support the majority of high population multiplayer servers comfortably.

Why does Garry's Mod use Half-Life 2 props and characters?

Garry's Mod uses Half-Life 2 props and characters because it was originally a mod for the game Half-Life 2. This also explains why "Garry's Mod" is the name of the game title.

Is GMod Dead?

GMod is not dead. Almost 20 years after it's release, Garry's Mod continues to get an average of 20-30 thousand players on the game every day. This puts GMod comfortably in the top 50 played games at any given time on Steam.

Why Does GMod Feel Creepy?

GMod feels creepy because of the Source Engine. The sound effects that many maps, both custom and base make are from Half Life 2. These Half Life 2 sound effects are creepy themselves, which is what makes Garry's Mod creepy.

Do You Need CSS for GMod?

No, you do not need CSS for GMod. But, having CS Source for GMod does help you see more props and textures that are placed by other players on multiplayer servers.

While you do not need Counter Strike Source for GMod, if you want to see all models and textures, you'll need to get CSS Game Content.

Do You Need Half Life 2 for GMod?

No, you do not need Half Life 2 for GMod. Half Life 2 content is included directly in the download for Garry's Mod once you get the game.