What is DarkRP | GMod?

Dark Roleplay is a roleplay gamemode where players are the center of the action. The predecessor to popular online crime sandboxes like Grand Theft Auto, DarkRP emulates criminal life in a city on Garry's Mod. The DarkRP gamemode is most well known for it's eccentric player base. Players naturally create memorable moments that you won't find within any other gaming experience.

How to Play GMod DarkRP

The best part about playing DarkRP in GMod is that there isn't a specific way to play the game! You can do anything you want. The game mode is most enjoyable when you make an effort to interact with other players in different and unique ways.

In the game, completionists usually try to make enough money to become the richest player. Other players like the roleplay part of it, and hop on to create fun and memorable experiences.

Why are there so much people roleplaying on Garry's Mod?

There are so many people roleplaying on Garry's Mod because it's a game that is made for creative people. Because of all the amazing addons people have made over the years, roleplayers flock to Garry's Mod to create scenarios that they would be hard strung to make anywhere else.

How to Get a Job in DarkRP

To get a job in DarkRP, press F4, go to Jobs, and choose the job you want to play as. Some popular jobs you can play include...

Thief: You're a simple petty crook that will do anything to make money. Build a base, print money and raid other players bases. You can also mug other players to steal their money.

Doctor: Get paid to heal and help other players when they take damage.

Hobo: Live on the streets and beg and pester other players for money.

One of the more popular jobs within the gamemode is being a weapons dealer. To be a Gun Dealer in DarkRP, press F4, click on the "Jobs" tab and select "Gun Dealer".

Once you become a Gun Dealer, you have the ability to create a base. In this base, you can purchase items from the F4 menu. These items can then be sold to other players.

How to Build in DarkRP

Like other gamemodes, building in DarkRP is simple. To build, open the spawn menu by pressing Q. Once the spawn menu is open, select the props you would like to use. Read our article on how to build in GMod if you are having trouble with some of the more advanced concepts.

How to Dance in GMod DarkRP

To dance in game, take out your keys. You can take out your keys by pressing the "2" button two times and then left click. You can also use your scroll wheel.

Once you have your keys out, press R on your keyboard. You will now be shown options to emote. Select the emote you want to perform.

How to Drop Money in DarkRP

To drop money in DarkRP, type the following command into chat:

/drop <amount>

Replace the <amount> with the sum of money that you would like to drop on the ground. Once you have dropped the money, you will be able to pick it up by pressing E.

How to Give Money in DarkRP

If you don't want people to steal your money, it's a better idea to use the /give command. If you want to give money in DarkRP, type the following command:

/give <amount>

Replace the <amount> with the sum of money that you want to give to the player. Make sure that you are looking at the player while you use the command.

How to Drop Weapons in GMod DarkRP

To drop a weapon in GMod DarkRP, pull out your weapon on the scrollbar. Once you have your weapon pulling out, type /dropweapon in chat. If done correctly, your weapon will now be on the ground.

If you don't want to put your weapon on the ground, put it right into your inventory. Some servers have a /invholster command you can type in chat. This command allows you to put your weapon right into your inventory.

How to Use Camera in GMod

To use the GMod camera, press 6 + Left Click. Once you have the camera selected, press left click to take a picture. If you want to zoom the camera, hold Right Click and move your mouse. If you want to reset the camera view, press the R button.

To learn how to set up cameras for a base, read our post on setting up a camera in GMod.